The Nokia Lumia 900 & Windows Phone 8

My experience with the Lumia 900 and how Windows Phone 8 changes things.

Nokia Lumia 900 First Impressions

Some quick thoughts on the Nokia Lumia 900. In-depth look will follow.

Nokia’s Global Marketing Plans For Windows Phone

Details about Nokia’s advertising and marketing plans for Microsoft’s Windows Phone based devices show promise and look good.

Microsoft, Nokia & Developers – The Challenges

Developers are opting for iOS and Android for coding their apps. Windows Phone 7 is not a choice as of now. If Nokia decides to do their own app store it will lead to developer factions and fragmentation.

On Microsoft & Nokia

Some quick thoughts on the Microsoft and Nokia deal.

Edit A SMS In The s60 Inbox

A simple method to edit any SMS received on a cellular phone, with the help of a PC & Hex Editor.

Music In The Air. Quite Literally

Control your desktop via your cell-phone and also wirelessly transmit your songs over the FM.