Nokia Lumia 900 First Impressions

The good folks at Microsoft sent me a Black Lumia 900 review unit and here are some first impressions. Since the software is Mango, it is easy for me to concentrate on Nokia’s device. I had a Lumia 800 for a couple of weeks before and my posts will compare the device to the 800 and my first generation Samsung focus. So here are some things:

  • The device is big is size and a pleasure to hold. The slim and smooth matte body just feels great to hold
  • Unlike the screen top in 800 that is imposed on the body, the 900’s screen is housed inside the body
  • The display is smooth and easy on the eyes. it’s pleasant. Though the close eye might notice some blurriness on the home screen and due to the larger tile sizes, the pixelated Me tile doesn’t look very appealing
  • Despite the big size, I enjoy using the keyboard with two hands on the bigger screen; one-hand use is a little weird. I have a friend with small hands and she can’t use the device. She fear she’ll drop it–perhaps this is why Apple’s 3.5″ size works but then again, I love the big screen
  • The battery, even with 4G turned ON the whole time, outlasts my Samsung Focus that connects using WiFi when I use it
  • The one thing I don’t get is why won’t Nokia put symbols on the side buttons

More reviews of Nokia’s role in the ecosystem and Windows Phone 7 on Nokia will follow.