Quick Look at Western Digital Passport 250 GB External

Western Digital Passport 250 GB External HDD

Color: Black
Cost: 7100/-
Package Contents: Data Cable & HDD.
Warranty: I forgot but I guess its a 3 year warranty.
Software Included (on HDD no cd provided):

  1. Acrobat Reader;
  2. WD Diagnostic Tools;
  3. Google Toolbar, Picasa & Desktop Search;
  4. Quick Guides;
  5. Sync Software.




It is a plug-n-play device which means it does not need you to install any drivers to use it.

I plugged in the drive and it showed in my computer; I browsed through the folders and decided to install WD Diagnostic Tools and then decided to install the sync software which didn’t exactly go smoothly then I had to Google a little and then decided to go to Western Digital’s site to find a solution and I did.

The error I got was that “The Dynamic Library file libeay32.dll could not be found in the specified path” and the solution is pretty simple just download the zip archive from here and un-zip it in the home directory of the drive.
well now that this was done I was able to run WD’s bundled sync software which I might add seems pretty good and will definitely help me a lot in taking up the backups and it allows you to make multiple profiles which really rocks …. screw you Time Capsule!!

Here’s a walk through of the sync software:-

The Welcome Screen:


Create a New Profile:


Sync Options:


Select the folders to sync:


Sync Done:


Sync Window:


Access Profile(s)\Profile Console:


PS: It seems worth it