Monsoon Computing

The monsoons are here and from a troubled experience of yester years this time I shall share with you what I do to make sure that the damage due to the moisture is least to the gadgets. My house directly faces one of the most beautiful views in Bombay, my drawing room faces the longest, most fluid & blackest rivers[1. It’s supposed to be a river which is now the biggest gutter] of the city.

During the monsoon computers start behaving in a highly erratic (not erotic) manner, they will start at once or you might have to press the power button more than once. There are times when weird beeps will start coming out of the computer. It is not only the computers that are affected, the ACs & TVs too at times behave in an unpredictable manner.

The best way to make sure that your gadgets have the least impact due to the weather conditions, especially the moisture in this season, I would recommend that you do the following:

  • Get yourself Silica Gel packets.
  • Clean the gadget surroundings, make ’em dust free.

Silica Gel are moisture absorbing small packets of silica, they have those disclaimers on them which say not to be eaten. Get yourself a handful of these and place them inside the cabinet of your computers & around the other magical stuff.

If your computer behaves in an unpredictable manner, then I would suggest that you open your cabinets (under adult or expert supervision) and remove the addon cards & RAM modules. Take a normal eraser and rub the contacts to remove any rusty formation on the contacts.

Next I would suggest you to try and make your computing surroundings and insides duct free. The processor’s heat sink especially. To do this you will need to remove the fan and then the heat sync sink. Once removed simply use a cloth or tap it to a surface to remove the collected dust.

These are three simple methods by which your computer shall be affected to a lesser degree. Please note that these are electronic items and sensitive to atmospheric changes. Remote controls too are affected and might respond or might lag in responding, this does not mean that the device has developed a flaw and needs to be replaced.

To recap:

  • Place Silica Gel packets.
  • Use eraser to clean component contacts.
  • Dust free surroundings & internals.
  • Don’t keep your computer next to the window[2. the window & not Microsoft Windows].

Happy Computing.