WordPress Plugins I Like #3

My post – WordPress Plugins I Like #2 was incomplete as I wanted to list all the plugins I use, but due to lack of time I was unable to do so. However, as promised here are the rest of the plugins that I use.

  1. Subscribe To Comments: This plugin allows your readers to subscribe to comments, so if a comment is made and they have subscribed it will send them an email about it with the comment. Really helpful for bloggers & readers alike.

  2. FD Footnotes: Let’s you put footnotes is a very easliy.

  3. Dagon Design Sitemap Generator: Makes a really really nice sitemap for your site. It also allows you to link your XML format sitemap too. A demo.

  4. Genki Announcement: Make announcements, place them wherever you want, customize the appearance, set a date till which you want the announcement to be shown. Simple & helpful.

  5. FeedBurner FeedSmith: Integrate you feedburner account to you site for RSS subscriptions. Ifyou don’t have a feedburner account, get one.

Keeping the last for the best. A lot of search & I finally found it:

NOTE: As pointed out by Christian (plugin author) below, please use this plugin at own risk.

I will recommend you not to use the plugin as it also breaks the Subscribe to Comments plugin.

Ajax Comments WMUipied – Though development on this has been abandoned, it works with the current versions of WordPress & is the best Ajax Comment plugin out there. I have tried almost all the ajax comment plugins & found last and found it to be better than all. A demo is on my site itself.

You might want to remove the horrendous fluorescent green though. To do this:

Open the plugin directory, navigate to the ajax-comments.js file. Open to edit it.
Find the following:


Change the color code to whatever you wish to match your blog theme. If you want to eliminate it, just make it to the same as that of your WP body color.

If you want to remove/edit the notification text, you will need to remove/edit the following leaving the quotes. Just remove the bold part.

ajax_comments_message(‘Your comment has been saved.’,true);