Auto-Scan & Add Tracks To iTunes Library [Windows]

At some point of time after using Apple software on Windows, 1 has to succumb to the fact that they simply bloat the machine and just aren’t the best out there. But, you are forced to use them. It’s like you’ve signed a deal with the devil. For the PCs out there who own an iPod and also made the mistake of buying an iPhone, iTunes is a must and I always recommend iTunes even for the ones who use Windows.

One issue I’ve always had with iTunes is that I’ve not been able to make it scan the folders where I download my music to and then have these tracks auto-added into my iTunes’ library. I accidentally came across the application – iTunes Folder Watch, that does exactly this for me and drastically reduces my work and also the pain of using the bloatware. Screen shot:


Just at 233Kb and a number of customization features of which “Check for dead tracks” is my favorite, this is a must have for all those who own an iPod and use Windows. Again, as much as I hate to say this, use iTunes to manage your iPods & iPhones even on Windows.