New Year’s Eve Shows Efficiency Of Indian Telecomm

While we all get all worked up about the launch of 3G in India, little do we look at the horribly sorry state of our existing telecomm infra-structure. The entire telecomm network both cellular & wired were down for almost 25 minutes from around 11:58 PM, 31st December to around 12:20 AM, 1st January. Too many people wishing each other perhaps.

I was talking to a friend at about 11:58 PM wishing new year via my cell phone (AirTel) the call quality was dismal, so I called back from my land-line was greeted with the message, “All lines on this route are busy.” I used my cell phone again, just couldn’t connect.

My cell phone kept showing 2 out of 5 levels of network or no network at all. I tried sending a SMS, it wouldn’t go, maintained it’s status as sending & never went. I posted about it on Twitter only to realize that of the few who were active on Twitter at New Year’s eve reported something similar. Here are some examples:

  • my landline is working.. But cellphone is jammed.. Not even SMSs are getting through (link)
  • Tata Indicom [Delhi], Airtel [Punjab], MTNL [Delhi] down! #indiantelecom #mobile (link)
  • WTF! Airtel is down here! On a sucky data card :( (link)

I tried calling using other cell phones (Vodafone) & apparently they were down to. Now, what purpose does 3G serve if my cell phone just can’t friggin’ make a call or send a SMS? The networks keep on adding customers at a rapid speed, their infra-structure is in shambles. Even our Home Minister (also Finance Minister) has complained about the same.

This came problem first came to light when there were floods in Bombay some time back & worried family members started calling loved ones. The entire telecomm network collapsed.

Not the kind of start I was hoping for my first post in the new year. However, if any of you guys did face network outage, leave a comment. Meanwhile, happy new year folks!