Access Live Messenger Without The Client

Microsoft recently embedded Live Messenger into Hotmail itself which does make life easy, there are however more ways of accessing Live Messenger without the client. These include:

  1. Web-based Live Messenger on phones
  2. Embedding Live Messenger in your blog/site
  3. Embed Live Messenger in your Facebook profile

  • Web-based Messenger for phones:

If you are on a non-WinMo phone that does not have Live Messenger you can access Live Messenger going to the following URL in your browser:

Nokia users can try the Windows Live suite for Nokia, check if your handset is supported.

  • To embed Live Messenger in your blog:
  1. Go here
  2. Tick the checkbox and click Save.
  3. Then click on Create HTML.
  4. Customize as wanted & paste the HTML code in your site/forum signature.

You can see a demo on my Reach Me page.

  • Facebook

The above implementation has been introduced as  Facebook application & now you can have Live Messenger in your profile itself. Screen shot:

Click here to add the app to your profile.

  • On PC

To access Live Messenger on a PC that does not have it, you can use Hotmail, refer link in the first line.