5 Desktop Apps For Web Junkies

If you watch a lot of Youtube videos on a rather slow internet connection & would prefer to download the video for peaceful viewing later or for some reason you’d prefer NOT to watch the Youtube video in the browser. Maybe, you’re on Last.FM & would want to flaunt the album art of your favorite tracks as a wallpaper. How about even downloading songs via Last.FM? Want to know what’s your most used software? Here are some interesting & cool apps for your desktop, these include:

  1. Youtube Downloader
  2. Sprink (WPF based Youtube viewer)
  3. Last.FM Downloader
  4. Last.FM Wallpaper Generator
  5. Wakoopa

1. Youtube Downloader:

I’ve been using Youtube Downloader for a long time & is one of my favorite applications. It allows you to download Youtube videos requiring no plugin/add-on yada yada crap. Just this app & the video link, as simple as that. What format does it download the video in you ask? Now, here’s where it gets awesome! It will download the video in .flv BUT has an in-built convertor module that will allow you to convert the downloaded videos to a wide range of formats, screen shot:


NOTE: Don’t judge the app by it’s rather primitive UI.

2. Sprink:

Sprink has been created by fellow blogger Taimur Asad, Sprink is an out-of-the-browser WPF based application to browse & view Youtube. Here are some screen shots of the app:

Sprink requirements:

3. Last.FM Downloader:

Last.FM Downloader is a simple app which allows you to download songs from Last.FM based on similar artists, genre etc. parameters. It will download the album art as well! Screen shot:

4. Last.FM Wallpaper Generator:

Album arts are beautiful. Last.FM Desktop Generator will allow you to create resolution specific wallpapers out of the album arts of a user’s playlist. It offers a really wide variety of customization options, like:

  • Resolution
  • Album art size
  • A lot of options under ‘Options’

Screen shot:

(Click for bigger view) 


If you haven’t heard about Wakoopa, it is an application tracker pretty much like Last.FM is for songs. A small utility keeps running in the background & regularly updating the stats about which software you’ve been using for how long & then gives presents you with charts, tables etc. It ranks you on the website based on the total hours you’ve clocked. You can check out my stats here.

Register & download the tracker. Add me if you want to :)