Microsoft Files For Mysterious “Smartglass” Trademark

Microsoft has applied to trademark Smartglass, described as hardware and software implementation for mobile devices.

Caradigm: Microsoft & GE’s Joint Online Health Record Management Suite

Caradigm is Microsoft and GE’s suite of services for health services.

MSFT Might Use NFC For HP’s ‘Touch to Share’ Like Tablet-Phone Love Making

A MSFT patent talks about web based-formats to transfer data over NFC. Might allow Windows 8 app developers quick and easy access to offer functionality.

The Information Systems Triangle & RIM’s Failure

Why RIM failed

Selling More Windows Phones

Bring apps first or sell phones first?

Plethora Of Location Services, None A Travelogue Make

There is no service that will collate my checkins and visits. Foursquare should be the one to add this feature.