If 2+2=4, Silverlight Is Important To Windows 8

More fuel to the speculation around Windows 8, Silverlight and WPF comes from dividing the XAML team across Windows, Windows Phone and the developer division.

Did Microsoft Dump Silverlight With Windows 8?

Steven Sinofsky might not have mentioned Sliverlight and talked about HTML5/JS but that was in my opinion a PR stunt to ensure Windows 8 got as much positive press as it could.

[TNW] Silverlight And The Future Of Windows

Windows and Microsoft’s future might depend on Silverlight’s adoption.

Full-Featured Silverlight Twitter Client In Your Browser

Silverlight 3 super power enables develoeprs to port desktop twitter client into the browser with all features!

Microsoft’s Local Impact On India & World

An iteresting site highlighting Microsoft’s social initiatives around the world.