Full-Featured Silverlight Twitter Client In Your Browser

Silverlight 3 leaked a day before, announced today & we already have an application implementing its raw power. bDule is a native Windows twitter client, not the best but it’s got the features that one needs. With Silverlight being announced, Sobees, the guys behind bDule have ported the desktop twitter client into the browser & here’s the kick-ass part – it’s the same! Screw you Adobe Air & Flash! Here are some screenshots of the desktop app & the web client:

First up, screenshot of both the web client & desktop client working side by side:

Note: Click on images to view in higher resolutions

When you visit sobees.com you will be asked to install Microsoft Silverlight 3 if you haven’t already installed it. You can download Silverlight 3 from here. With that done you will be shown this page:

You can change the template – the number of columns & how they are placed from the ‘Change Template’ link in the toolbar above. Mentions, DMs, you’re own stream is sorted into tabs which can be accessed from the top or the sidebar which look & behave the same in both the web & desktop client. Here is a screenshot of the template options in the desktop client & browser client side by side:

And if you’re wondering whether you’re allowed to define the API limits just like in the desktop clients, no sweat! Settings on per-pane of the desktop & web client again, side by side:

If you want to manage the accounts you head to ‘Options’ again from the toolbar above. Screenshot of the Account manager in the web client:

The #WIN part is that you can create an account that will sync your desktop & web client! That is impressive! If that’s the power of Silverlight as harnessed by a third party developer, I can only imagine how powerful the online suite of Office apps from Microsoft will be.