Adobe CEO Caught FUDding

This is hilarious! Off course because it is not Microsoft or Ballmer who was caught spreading FUD, no mainstream tech blogs picked it up. But, how can I let this wither away into archives. So here is how it goes…

Recently, NFL decided to switch from Silverlight to Flash for the live streaming. Though NFL is under NBC who have a long standing relation with Microsoft, NHL chose to use Flash. This was used as an example by Adobe CEO to say:

“If you look at the number of partners who are signing up [to use Flash] despite the fact that Redmond opens its chequebook and tries to get companies to move to Silverlight, we’re winning.”

“The BBC moved over, the NFL [National Football League] went live with us using NBC. Microsoft and NBC have had a long standing relationship, but they picked us.”

The usual Microsoft has money and they use it to muscle out competition. But. Yes, there is a ‘but’ and that is where the FUD lies. According to a post on, Adobe is actually sharing the cost of streaming the content over Flash, which essentially means that Adobe is paying from their chequebooks for streaming the content.

So much for money muscle :lol: Don Burnett further points out that if Microsoft were to actually start using money as muscle, Flash would have to suffer huge losses. Quoting a comment from the post:

This type of thinking by Adobe’s CEO is almost always the beginning of the end for MS’ competitors.

[via TheMossyBlogTimes]