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Get Your RSS As IM In Google Talk

Get your RSS pushed to you in your chat client – Google Talk or any Jabber/XMPP client and some thoughts on the dying RSS technology. Continue reading

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The Union Health Joker of India & His Funny Thoughts

Thoughts of Anubami Ramadoss on how to make people stop smoking. Continue reading

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A Lesson Learnt

A small lesson I learnt from my professor and his son’s talk. Continue reading

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How An iPod Helps You Maintain Sanity

iPod is not just a style statement, if it had Explorer Drag-Drop I can guarantee you that my songs wouldn’t be so organized and if I did not have my iPod playing my favorite tracks my time at a place away from home would not have been so livable. Continue reading

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Hand Writing Analysis Is Scary

An un-known person analyzed my hand-writing and revealed quite a few shocking things Continue reading

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