Hand Writing Analysis Is Scary

I’m in Pune for about a month living with my uncle & aunt, today I went to meet some guy (his identity is of no relevance to the post). My uncle and him were talking whilst I sat turning my head from left to right and at times to the back in hope to catch a glimpse of some thing/one beautiful and then this guy tells me to sign on a rough piece of paper and I do so, then he further asks me to write the following:

  1. Yours Truly
  2. thanking You (He wanted me to write the ‘t’ small)
  3. and 1 more which I forgot was another phrase used in Letter Writing (You will come to know the reason why I forgot below)

I did not know what he was gonna do but then he took the peice of paper looked at it made several frowns and then started saying stuff that kinda surprised me.

I do not want to divulge into the specifics of what he said but 1 thing that he said really raised my eye brows – he was trying to figure me out via the art of Hand-Writing Analysis and he was able to say that I live in a high rise building just by analysing 3 phrases and 1 signature!!! (I live on the 10th floor of a 13 storied building which by Pune/Indian standards does come under high rise buildings.)

I can assure you that my uncle met this guy once before and that too 3 years ago and then today, he has no family relation he is no way related to us or our field of work.

There was however 1 anamoly or Irony that came up during our discussion, he said that I am un-predictable, but the fact that he was able to predict that I am un-predictable is an anamoly in me and at the same time an Irony in his analysis.

And here is the killer – The guy is not a Hand-Writing Analyser or any such freak (Numerologist or things like that) by profession.

PS: I forgot the 3rd phrase that he asked me to wirte which I am not surprised but was something that this guy said was bound happen – I have a low retention period. The positive that I took from this statement of his that I have a low retention period is that now I can proudly tell my parents that please dont tell me to study till 15 days before my exam as I will most definitely forget it and my time spent would be a waste, I’d rather spend that time on the internet :D

My advise: Use MS Word as compared to Pen & Paper.