Install WordPress On PC With Web Platform Installer

Install Wordpress or Drupal on your PC with Microsoft Web platform Installer.

Install MySQL & phpMyAdmin On Windows For IIS

Setting up MySQL server & phpMyAdmin on Windows running IIS 7 & WIndows 7. Works with Vista as well.

7 Assorted Windows 7 Videos By Microsoft

7 videos on Windows 7 by Microsoft on Installing Windows using USB, Booting via VHD, Windows 7 Homegroups & Device stage, Problem step recorder, bot locker & resmon (resource monitor)

IE 8 – Federated Search For Vista & More

Use Internet Explorer’s search as an alternative to Federated Search. Use it to post directly to Twitter & Friendfeed. manage your bookmarks, back them on the net & sync.

[PoC] Divided By Zero. FAIL.

Demo on how to use Windows 7’s Problem Step Recorder as a blogging tool.

A Look At Microsoft Virtual PC

I tried MS Virtual PC and have written a small tut on how to install Ubuntu on MS Virtual PC with a short review.