7 Assorted Windows 7 Videos By Microsoft

Here is a compilation of 7 videos on Windows 7 by Microsoft. Explanation & tutorials on features of Windows 7. The videos will cover:

  1. Install using USB
  2. Boot via VHD
  3. Home Groups
  4. Device Stage
  5. Problem Steps Recorder
  6. Bitlocker & Bitlocker To Go
  7. Resource Monitor

Install Windows 7 Using a USB Drive: (Duration: 7 minutes)

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The steps for preparing the USB Disk.

  1. Diskpart
  2. List Disk
  3. Select Disk 1 (Replace 1 with number reflecting your USB Drive)
  4. clean
  5. create partition primary
  6. active
  7. format fs=fat32 quick
  8. assign

Boot PC via VHD: (Duration: ~10 minutes)

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Problem Steps Recorder

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Of course here is an as cool implementation of the PSR.

Home Groups: (Duration: 1:34 minutes)

Device Stage: (Duration: 1:25 minutes)

Here is an excellent post on Device Stage by Microsoft.

Resource Monitor (Resmon):

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 Bitlocker & Bitlocker To-Go (Duration: 9:35 minutes)

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