Sync Windows 10 Edge Bookmarks with iPhone

I’ve had the new Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 for about a month and I’ve been enjoying it as a laptop more than a tablet. One of the new additions in Windows 10 is the next iteration of Internet Explorer – Edge. As I elaborated in my lengthy Surface Pro 2017 review, I’ve stuck to Edge on the Surface. It took some initial humps to get my Chrome bookmarks synced and setup as I’d like them but I got it working. One of the key things for me is having my bookmarks on my iPhone. I no longer have a Linux or a Mac PC so Chrome wasn’t necessary.

In order to get my bookmarks on iPhone and Edge synced, it was 1 unnecessary step more than what it should be (you can blame Apple or Microsoft for this, you can choose).

The simple trick to get this is syncing your Edge and Internet Explorer bookmarks. Once that’s done, the iCloud Windows Control Panel will do the rest.

Step 1: Sync Edge and Internet Explorer Bookmarks

1. Launch the Windows Group Policy Editor:

Run ->gpedit.msc

2.  Enable the sync

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Microsoft Edge > Keep favorites in sync > Enable

3. Give this some time and you’ll start seeing your Edge bookmarks show up in Internet Explorer

(Thank you Windows Central for this tip.)

Step 2: Setup iCloud Sync for Internet Explorer

1. Download the iCloud for Windows from Apple’s website

2. Install and sign in into your Apple account (side note: enable 2 factor authentication if you haven’t already).

3. Enable Booksmark sync in iCloud Settings:

Once you do this, Safari on your iPhone (or any iOS device synced with this account) should show your bookmarks from Edge: