Sync Windows 10 Edge Bookmarks with iPhone

How to sync your browser bookmarks and favorites from Microsoft Windows 10 Edge to your iPhone or iPad

IE 9 To Enhance Tab Browsing – Quick Tabs To Be Improved

Microsoft patent reveals possible Internet Explorer 9 features. Quick Tabs interface to be significantly improved.

IE 9 – What We Know

Steven Sinofsky talks about Internet Explorer 9 at PDC09.

8 Tips To Improve Your IE 8 Experience

Open tabs quickly, Download Manager, Greasemonkey Scripts, Syncronize Bookmarks in Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) using Add-ons.

Explore My Way – IE 8 Campaign By Microsoft India

Microsoft India’s promotional campaign for Internet Explorer 8 run via a website & 4 video advertisements.

Browser Battles & The Perfect Browser

What really matters in comparing browsers is their performance and not charts. My ideal browser would contain the following features.

Configuring InPrivate In IE8

A master tutorial on how to configure Internet Explorer’s InPrivate mode to double as Adblocker & make it efficient.

Enable The Posterous Bookmarklet In IE 8

Enabling Posterous’ bookmarklet in IE 8.

A Brief History Of The Internet & IE 8

A hilarious video showing a brief history of the internet & how Internet Explorer 8 helps.

IE 8 – Federated Search For Vista & More

Use Internet Explorer’s search as an alternative to Federated Search. Use it to post directly to Twitter & Friendfeed. manage your bookmarks, back them on the net & sync.

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