Explore My Way – IE 8 Campaign By Microsoft India

I’ve got to say this, I have so far under estimated Microsoft India’s willingness to run campaigns here. But after their Windows 7 campaign for home users & businesses, I came across Explore My Way which an attempt by Microsoft India to promote Internet Explorer 8. The Indian-ness of the website comes from a couple of concepts, namely:

  1. Commercials on IE 8’s features targeted towards Indians.
  2. A poll that is being conducted via the website, which is to find India’s 8 Unexplored (the top 8 most exploratory destinations in India as voted by India.)
  3. Webslices & Accelerators for Indian websites such as Zapak, Rediff, Bharatmatrimony & some more.
  4. You can also find your “Explorer Quotient” & stand a chance to become one of the top 8 explorers of India.

The website allows you to download customized versions of IE 8, options of which are:

NOTE: Links for Windows Vista 32 bit, for others visit here. And I don’t know the configuration differences between them & the normal edition.

There are 4 commercials for Web Slices, Accelerators, InPrivate & Crash recovery. Not the best of ads, though well thought. Here are 2 of the 4 commercials:

Web Slices:

Crash Recovery:

You can view or download all 4 from here.

The India’s Unexplored 8 has the following 12 places to vote from:

  1. Kanatal
  2. Poovar Island Resort
  3. Lakshadweep
  4. Sunderbans
  5. Ladhak
  6. Valley of Flowers (Himalayas)
  7. Andaman Islands
  8. Munnar
  9. Amarnath Yatra
  10. Meghalaya
  11. Port City of Vishkapatnam
  12. Dooars, North Bengal

You can head here & vote. Also, if you’re the adventurer type, Microsoft India has another project called the Digital Heritage Project, which might interest you.

To become one of the top 8 explorers of India:

  1. Participate in a quiz consisting of from what I recollect having 8 questions (or maybe 6), answer the questions (they’re simple, answers to which are new features of IE 8, there I’ve given the big secret.) You get 30 points if you answer them correct.
  2. Send this score to Facebook to get 10 more points
  3. *Click* on the download IE 8 link to get 50 points
  4. Invite friends to participate & get 10 points.

The 8 winners get to visit the 8 plces that are voted as India’s Unexplored.

I do like the website design :)