Microsoft India’s Windows 7 Promotional Campaign For Corporates

Windows 7 Microsoft India After starting a Win 7 & WinMo campaign targeted towards the home users, Microsoft India now has another Windows 7 promotional campaign for businesses. The rules are a bit different & a simple questionnaire won’t do the trick. However, this time the guys from MS India have clearly defined the prizes unlike in the ‘Nex Gen Family’ contest where other than ‘get a chance to try (seriously?) Windows 7 & WinMo 6.5’ nothing else was stated. Here you stand to get yourself a Microsoft Goodie Bag or LifeChat headsets.

To participate in the contest:

  1. Fill out a form & a representative will contact you.
  2. Install Windows 7 RC on a minimum of 5 PCs in your organization.
  3. Fill these documents:
  4. Send them to [email protected]

Following the prizes & participation details:

  • Installing Windows 7 RC on 5 PCs in your organization & sending the 4 documents gets you:
  1. a Microsoft bag
  2. Win7 T-shirt
  3. 4 GB Pen Drive

More details about the contest can be found here.