Digital Heritage Project Gets Major Update, Visitor Contributions Enabled

I had written about Microsoft India’s Research project Digital Heritage some days ago. The initial impressions of the project were highly positive & I had talked about some additions that would make the project more fun for users. One of them was that the Contact page should actually link to a page. Well, I was pleasantly surprised today that the whole website has undergone a major upgrade & have implemented all my suggestions!

Microsoft India Research Digital Heritage

Click image to visit the new site.

The updates include:

  1. A revamped website design (a contact page, finally! No favicon yet though).
  2. Live Maps integration.
  3. Photosynth integration.
  4. Open for general public to contribute.

Inorder to contribute:

  1. Click some kick ass images.
  2. head over to & create your synths.
  3. Contact the Digital heritage team [email protected] to host your synths.
  4. It’s that simple!