Microsoft Research Digitizes Indian Heritage In HD, Beautifully

Was browsing through Microsoft’s newly designed Research website, which I might say is very nicely done. The Indian arm of MSFT’s research has come up with a unique implementation of the HD View project.

HD View is a viewer developed by Microsoft Research’s Interactive Visual Media group to aid in the display and interaction with very large images.

HD View works with IE & Firefox. Once installed, the plugin enables you to see some beautiful images of some of India’s coveted tourist destinations like:

more listed here. It does look very interesting as a project if the guys take it forward it might be a killer offering from Microsoft for the tourism industry (enthusiast & tourists)

Here are additions I would love to see from the project team:

  1. Create Photosynths of the internals & externals of these places,
  2. Integrate these synths into the Live Map of India,
  3. And of course add more places.

For some absurd reason the About & Contact links don’t seem to be links. Anyway, I plan to do a series on some of MSFT India’s projects in the coming days.