Can’t Afford The Car, Get The Phone

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Cell phones have become a style statement for the elite and a necessity for the commons. In recent times we have seen major designer labels lending their names to cell phone manufacturers only to come out with some really worthless cell phones. Not only that they look nothing like the clothes these guys make, the specs of the phones are as worthless too, but they still cost a bomb and well the fools rich still buy them.

If the designers can why can’t car manufacturers, not surprisingly the biggest car manufacturers too have lent their brand names to cell phones. Porsche, Hummer, Ferrari, McLaren, Lambogirni, they all have teamed up with cell phone manufacturers to come out with cell phones sporting their esteemed logos. Following are the phones with some specs & images of the same.

So if you like a certain car brand & can’t afford it at the moment why not go ahead buy 1 of these to show the peeps your taste in cars!

1. Porsche:

Porsche is my favorite car brand, the Carrera GT is my dream car, the car epitomizes everything about the great brand that is Porsche but the Porsche cell phone on the other-hand, epitomizes everything the company is not! For starters Porsche teamed with Sagem. Sagem, I mean come on WTF! is wrong with you guys, have you no sense of elegance & style?

Here is presenting to you the Sagem P9521 Porsche:



The phone does look decent,but Sagem? Anyways here are the specs of the phone:

  1. Color OLED Display
  2. 240×320 Resolution
  3. 3.7 MB Internal Memory
  4. No Expandable Memory
  5. 3.2 MP Camera
  6. Flash, 4x Zoom

Not bad Porsche, but it’s Sagem you morons!

2. Hummer:

Next let’s see what the big, bad, symbol of masculinity the Hummer got some French design company to come up with this, presenting to you:

The Hummer HT1


A cell phone is Yellow! Who in their right minds would go around with a yellow cell phone? I would rather go out with a pink Sony Ericsson W580i. Hey, I aint but I aint no idiot either, I got some sense of style. Who knows maybe The Terminator might wanna go around with a yellow cell phone.

Anyways here are the specs of the phone:

  1. 2.2″ 260K QVGA Color TFT Touchscreen
  2. MP3 Player
  3. 2 MP Camera
  4. 256 MB of memory
  5. microSD memory card slot

3. McLaren:

I don’t how many of you have played a certain game that goes by the name Need For Speed IIse, the recent 2 releases – Carbon & Pro-Street are waste of time, but NFS II was something different at the time when it came out, the top cars, great tracks, it had it all, but what made the game fun was The McLaren F1. Oh boy! The F1 has nothing to do with the post or the cell phone but whenever I hear McLaren, the F1 and those good ol’ days of NFS II come back to life.

Back in 2004 McLaren teamed up with Siemens to come out with one of the crappiest looking cell phones ever.

The SX1:


The specs don’t really matter as it is a 2004 phone.

But after some time, McLaren lent it’s name again and this time to carrier Vodafone, who in turn got the Mclaren phones made by Sharp & Samsung each. Here is version of the phone by Sharp & Samsung.

The Sharp GX29 clamshell and the Samsung SGH-Z520M Slider:


Specs of the Sharp GX29:

  1. 240×320 (QVGA) display
  2. Bluetooth
  3. VGA Camera
  4. 2.1MB Memory
  5. No Memory Card Slot.

The Samsung version looks rubbish and is nothing more than disgrace to be linked to a brand like McLaren, however 1 of the many Sharp versions is good, really slick, elegant, just like the cars. Sharp decided to remake the McLaren phone and this time they did a really good job.

The Sharp 770SH:


Specs for the Sharp 770SH:

  1. 256K Colors
  2. 240×320 Pixels
  3. 1.3 MP Camera
  4. 3G
  5. MicroSD Slot

4. Lamborgini:

My brother loves the Lambos, they do look quite hot, the low body, the shape, everything is so damn hot! That’s the car, here is the cell phone, Nokia made a limited version 8800 Sirocco Lamborgini phone & Acer made a Lamborgini PDA.

The Nokia 8800 Sirocco Limited Edition Lambogirni phone:


The Sirocco is a grossly over-priced piece of crap and labeling Lamborgini on it, does not change that fact. The specs I guess are the same.

  1. 256K Colors
  2. 208×208 Pixels
  3. 128 MB Internal Memory
  4. Bluetooth
  5. 2 MP Camera

Next up is the ASUS-Lamborghini ZX1 PDA phone, this is hot, the looks are just soooo damn sexy!



Specs for ASUS-Lamborghini ZX1 PDA phone:

  1. Wi-FI 802.11b+g
  2. Bluetooth
  3. GPS
  4. 2.8″ Touchscreen
  5. 9-Way Navigational Key

5. Ferrari:

How can Ferrari be left behind, the red prancing horse has Laptops by Acer, 2 cell phones by Motorola, 1 by Sharp & a rumored cell phone by Sony Ericsson!

The GX29 was for McLaren & the GX25 is for Ferrari:


Looks shitty, I know, however the specs for the same are:

  1. Bluetooth
  2. VGA Camera
  3. 262k QVGA Display

Next is the MotoRAZR MAXX V6:


I don’t like Motorola phones, the RAZR series did put the market focus on sex appeal of the phones but their UI has never got my positive attention. The specs for the Razr MZXX V6:

  1. 2 MP Camera,
  2. VGA Webcam for Video Telephony,
  3. 50MB Internal Memory,
  4. microSD Expansion Slot,
  5. Bluetooth
  6. HSDPA, EDGE, and GPRS

The second Ferrari phone by Motorola is The RAZR V9:


The RAZR series is so repetitive in looks, the same slim flap shiny look, no wonder their phone division is in such a soup! The specs for this phone are:

  1. 2MP Camera
  2. Bluetooth with A2DP
  3. MicroSD Card
  4. External Display

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