User Based Charity Initiatives By Microsoft

This post is to collate the various User Based Charity Initiatives by Microsoft in recent times.

I had some time blogged about The i’m Initiative where in all you need to do is enable this facility in MSN Messenger & Hotmail, for every chat conversation or email sent hence, Microsoft will donate a part of ad revenues to the Charity Organisation.

i'm logo

The i’m Iniative post can be found here: Click Here

Next I cam across The Smith Family Office Charity, where in all you have to do is watch asmall web clip on Office 2007 by an Australian kid and Microsoft will donate $1 to The Smith Family’s Learning for Life Program.


You willneed to install the Silverlight plugin to view the videos, head over to the website it will automatically let you download the SIlverlight plugin for your browser.

Smith Family Office Charity

The other one, that I read about some time back but was recently reminded at a forum:

Carbon Reduction Reminder Service, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has partnered this initiative to raise awareness about the Carbon footprint that is endangering the planet. All you need to do is:

  1. Visit the site in Internet Explorer 7 or 8
  2. Answer 10 questions.
  3. Choose the ways to reduce the Carbon.
  4. Plant your own Virtual tree.
  5. See it grow.


This is an extremely fun project to educate the school going children and make them have some good time on the internet learning.

Carbon Grove

Do something worthwhile with your time on the internet, I will be finding some more fun ways to generate charity.

At this time let me link you to another learn & donate based website which is NOT affiliated with Microsoft –, this one was brought to my attention by my good friend Aditya Sengupta. You have to give the correct meanings of the words, for every correct answer you donate 20 grains of rice. Keep on answering keep on donating and err yeah at the same time improve your English skills.