i’m Initiative Now For non-US Live Users

Bill Gates is well known for his charity work, this time he has let us, users of his company’s services also be a part of a noble cause. The i’m Initiative:

The i’m™ Initiative from Microsoft™ makes helping social causes easy. Every time you use Windows Live™ Messenger or Windows Live Hotmail®, our free webmail service, we’ll share a portion of our advertising revenue with some of the world’s most effective social cause organizations. Exactly how much will we share with our partner causes? Well, that’s up to you and the growing masses of registered i’m Initiative users. The more messages you send, the more we give.

Now when you use Windows Live™ Messenger or Windows Live Hotmail®, our free webmail service, you can support a social cause at the same time.

Join Page

This service has been extended to Windows Live Hotmail & Windows Messenger but is United States restricted, however I reviewing the Live Services knew that there was a trick to get around this and do my bit for charity. Here is a work-around to enable this servicce in non-US contries:

If your country in set to a non-US country this is what you will get when you choose the Live Hotmail option:


That is you can’t add it, however a few clicks can allow you to get it working. Here is how:

1. Go to your Hotmail Inbox, from the top right corner, choose Options, then from the drop down choose More options:

From the next page choose the ‘Edit Your Personal Info’ option:


On the next page from the right column find the following and choose:


This will take you to the page where you will need to change the Home Location country to United States from the drop down, then save sign out& sign back in.

Next go back to the i’m Join page and choose United States in step 1 & Windows Live Hotmail in step 2 then follow the Select Cause link & now you will get the following:


Choose the 1 you want & hit save, go to compose mail to find an added signature to your emials –


That’s it, consider yourself lucky to be a part of a good cause :)

To add the i’m logo to your MSN messenger, just edit your name in the messenger and add *unicef after your name & you will see the i’m logo next to your nickname.

In the below screen shot you will see the i’m logo next to my name, you need to type *unicef there and the logo will show itself automatically: