Create UAC White List

Contrary to popular belief and FUD spread by various tech evangelists, Vista’s UAC is a boon as opposed to their constant bashing of this feature. I am not saying this ‘coz of my love for Microsoft, but genuinely having seen how this feature saves me and a lot others. Disabling it is a strict no-no from me.

However, there is no such Exception list as Windows Firewall has, for UAC. This at times does cause some annoyance if you are the admin and you are trying to run a program and every time you have to ‘Allow’ it.

There are two ways (other than disabling it) by which you can bypass eh UAC prompt for particular applications:

  1. Task Scheduler
  2. Elevate Me

The first method – Task Scheduler, is vcery useful incase you have scheduled a particular application to run on start-up and it needs the highest privileges. To do this:

Control Panel -> System Maintenance -> Administrative Tools -> Schedule Tasks

The same can be accessed from:

Start -> Administrative Tools -> Task Scheduler

From the scheduler, you need to Create a New Task. The wizard can be accessed from:

Task Bar -> Action (next to File) -> Create Task

Once the wizard opens, give suitable Name & Description. make sure that you check the ‘Run with highest privileges’ option. Screenshot:


From the 3rd tab (Actions), select the application that you want should run and choose OK. Screenshot:


This will launch the program (Limewire, in this case) at logon with highest privileges.

Another way to achieve the same is by using the utility called – Elevate Me. It uses the same method but instead of creating application actions to launch on start-up, it creates itself as a task to run on start-up and parses any application that you want should run with highest privileges.

To bypass UAC for particular application using this utility:

  1. Download the archive.
  2. Run the install.cmd file.
  3. Right Click on the application and choose Elevate me.



There is an application that can be used to tame UAC is Tweak UAC, it is a free application.

Tweak UAC is a free software tool that you can use to quickly turn UAC (User Account Control of Windows Vista) on or off, or to make UAC operate in the quiet mode. Screenshot:


Keep UAC turned on, save yourself from trojans, happy computing.