FOSS Supporters Are Hypocrites

I had taken down this post on threat of my previous web host, but after the emails & chats with a lot of people who said that this post was in no way harming the Web Host or his company  & now that I have moved to a nicer host, I have decided to bring this post back up.

The Microsoft vs Linux debate is a long drawn battle, a battle which has been going on since ages and will continue to do so. At online forums you find a lot members fighting each other. I am a member at such a forum, where Microsoft Windows vs OSS is a very emotional issue, a very touchy issue, let’s say something like caste based reservations in India, people will get down to rioting on it.

Recently a heated discussion was going on (on the same issue) when 1 member (Windows supporter) let out his frustration in a post of his and chose very decorative words (he deleted his post immediately, though was a little late in doing so) He was a little late as one of the OSS supporters he used flowery language for was able to quote him. Ironically this OSS supporter turned out to be the web hosting provider for the Windows supporter.

Reading the flowery language the OSS supporter was outraged and threatened the Windows guy that he will be suspending his hosting for 2 days. Yup, you read that right. He publicly threatened this guy that he will be suspending his site for 2 days for using the flowery language, apparently sighting a clause in his TOS that says that one cannot curse or abuse an employee or the company.

Now, he may be right or wrong, rational or irrational. The point is that, a lot of these OSS supporters curse Microsoft for being ‘monopolistic’ and ‘high handed’ in behavior. But, when it comes to their own businesses these people proudly behave in a manner that they accuse Microsoft of behaving in. Hypocrisy at its peak. Now I wonder what was the Windows guy thinking when he decided to opt for the services of a OSS supporter.

PS: I was the Windows supporter & my previous host was the FOSS supporter.