I’m Being Manan At A New Host

Well, the whole past 30 hours, yes literally 30 hours, I did an all-night due to the sudden crisis and as it is not having a very wonderful year. None the less I am very happy and excited while writing this post. Yesterday evening there was an incident that happened which led to me changing my host in less than 24 hours, it all happened so quickly.

The details of the issue will be posted in subsequent blog posts.  If you want a quick read about what happened – FOSS Supporters Are Hypocrites.

This one is for Preshit, Sathya & Din sir who were more than willing to help me out in my time of online crisis at the same time thanking the guys who supported me & said that my previous host was acting immature & high headed.

Preshit, is now my new web admin, he has activated my account and not to mention has himself restored the backup, yeah, well I have never restored a web site before, leave alone doing it successfully.

Sathyajit, who is on IM with me as I type helping me configure my plugins.

And last but not the least, Din sir, who willingly offered me space on his account to host my site.

Thank you all. I hope I or as a matter of fact no one comes across such a high headed web host and has to go through what I had to.