WordPress Plugins I Like #2

When I started my blog I posted about some of the plugins I was using with my blog. Now, after almost 2 months, learning a lot more about blogging & WordPress, I am writing another post on the newer plugins I  found & am using after publishing that post. Keeping the gibber-jabber out:

  1. AdSense Manager – I don’t need to talk about this a lot, but will recommend this plugin if you are using Google Adsense Ads on your blog. It creates Ad Units for ads of certain types you created using the Google Wizard &then all you need to do is put in that unit where you want the ads.

  2. Category Order: A simple yet highly useful plugin. It allows you to manually re-arrange you categories’ order.

  3. Exclude Pages from Navigation: Another simple but useful plugin which allows you to choose which pages you want to show as links on the navigation bar. For example: I have not shown the Sitemap and Terms page in the navigation bar. Yet they are published pages allowing me to put their links anywhere I want. In this case the footer.

  4. Downloads Manager: This is the plugin that gives me the beautiful download boxes. Though in beta and has quite a few bugs, works pretty well allowing you to know how many times the download link has been clicked. It gives the size and description of the download.

  5. Related Posts: A self explanatory name. Shows the related posts based on tags where ever you want them.

There is going to be a Part 3 also. I had first planned to make one single big post with 11 plugins, but lack of time made me split it.

Happy Blogging :D