I found these little applications that will enable you to easily create autorun files for your Pen-drives & discs, at the same the other tool will give you easier control over the autorun action on your computer.

  • Autorun INF Editor

This tool makes it easier for you to create the autorun.inf file. Rather than making it yourself and remembering the commands to do so, AIE will let you do the same by click & point.

This tool will allow you to configure the:

  1. Application to auto-run;
  2. Icon for the drive/disc;
  3. Label;
  4. Custom commands.

Once done, all you have to do is save the autorun file where-ever you want and simply import it to the drive/disc you want to. And voila! You have to yourself a quickly made customized autorun.inf file.


AIE Main Window:

Autorun INF Editor Main Window

Autorun file preview:

Autorun.inf file preview

  • Autorun Settings

This tool is NOT for your portable media but is for your computer. It allows you to control the autorun behavior of drives on your computer based on drive type & letter. As opposed to the many tutorials you must have read where you need to manualy edit the registry, Autorun Editor presents to you a GUI frontend with a 1 click checkbox interface. Not only that, it also allows you to configure the autorun behavior on a per-user or All Users basis. If I am not wrong, Tweak UI also has this feature, but I guess a 8.9KB application which requires no installation and is solely for this purpose makes a lot of sense if you are configuring a lot of machines.

Screen shot:

Autorun Settings Window