Glassy Notepad & Music Player

I came across 2 interesting applications on CodePlex that I’d like to share with you guys. Very basic apps, no  productivity gains, absolutely pointless as some might argue. But, they are cool. A very basic Music player, with just 1 button – Play/Pause & a basic Notepad completely Aero-ed, that is, transparent.

AeroNotes AeroNotes

A simple notepad, with no purpose other than being a notepad & being transparent, here is AeroNotes. Screen shot:

AeroTrax AeroTrax

Now don’t curse me for showing you this useless app but her it’s all Aero :P Plays 1 song at a time, no playlist, just mp3. But, it’s got Aero :P Screen shot:

I’d still use Windows Media Player shrunk. Highly useful & glassy, screen shot:

The notepad & music player will complement Glass for Vista WB by fediaFedia:

Who says Aero doesn’t look better than that fugly gray Aqua on OSuX?