Google Blames NGO, NGO Denies

The all-knowing, peace-loving, privacy-aware, humble, selfless Google has finally shown it’s true colors. To cover up for 40 minutes of hilarious search re-direct behavior, Google was quick to post on it’s blog that it wasn’t their fault. Could be. Google blamed the NGO, saying that it was from them that they got their list of “malware sites” & had some error in their file which resulted in google’s search flagging & rest of the entire internet as malware.

However, while everyone started tweeting about google’s post wherein a ‘human error’ was stated as the cause, came out with it’s side of the story:

Google has posted an update on their official blog that erroneously states that Google gets its list of URLs from us. This is not accurate. Google generates its own list of badware URLs, and no data that we generate is supposed to affect the warnings in Google’s search listings.

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So much for Google being this user friendly, very humble organization. For God’s sake don’t blame a NGO at least!

Hey google, on a personal note, copy from Microsoft, from whom you copy almost everything. Accept your mistake & move on. Blame a NGO? That sucks. Grow up. You could’ve blamed Ballmer or Yang for it! But a NGO? Yuck thoo! Shame on you.