POP Settings For Hotmail, LiveUpload v2 & Live Essential Updates

Ed note: For those unawares, Hotmail had POP access since inception(?) but it then became a premium feature for Hotmail+ users only & now with Live Wave 3, Microsoft has made POP free for all.

1. The Hotmail POP Access settings are now available for certain countries:

United States, Brazil United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Japan, Spain, Germany, Italy and Netherlands.

  • POP server: pop3.live.com (Port 995)
  • POP SSL required? Yes
  • User name: Your Hotmail or Windows Live ID.
  • Password: Your to Hotmail or Windows Live password
  • SMTP server: smtp.live.com (Port 25 or 587)
  • Authentication required? Yes (your POP username and password)
  • TLS/SSL required? Yes

I think those who have set their country settings to any of the above mentioned countries can get POP access. The hotmail blog says that updates for more countries will be rolled out in time. In order to change your country settings you can refer this post.

2. Windows Live Essentials also has pushed a new update version no.: 14.0.8064.206

3. LiveUpload to Facebook Updated:

The super useful plugin for Live Gallery – LiveUpload has now been updated to v2, it now pulls contacts from your Facebook account for tagging, the only thing missing in the previous release. Though I’m still figuring out how to do that.

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