A Look At MeshPack Apps & Mesh Uses


I had done a 2 part walk-through of Mesh long back (1 & 2); just before PDC I had talked about what I’d like to see in a cloud OS. I was fortunate enough to get a token for the Developer CTP of Live Mesh (Azure Services), though quite late but who cares.

The MeshPack contains of 4 apps by Microsoft Startup Labs, namely:

  1. Corkboard
  2. Collaborative Crossword
  3. Mesh Lists
  4. Crowd Vote

Now these are just for starters by the devs in Microsoft. These are not available for the public beta build (sounding like someone with higher-level access, don’t I! :D) Anyhow, The names of the app explain what they are. Here are some screen shots:

The applications central page. To add/remove apps:

Live Mesh Pack Apps

The Applications control page, for apps you have added to your Mesh & want to control their features:

Live Mesh pack Apps

Click for bigger view

Once you have added the app & created an instance of the same, the application icon will appear on your Mesh Desktop:

Live Mesh Pack Apps Desktop Icons

Now for some application screen shots, here is MeshList:

Live Mesh App pack Mesh List

Click for bigger view


Live Mesh Pack Apps Crowdvote

Click for bigger view


Live Mesh Pack Apps Corkboard

In order to collaborate with other users you will need to ‘Invite’ them using the Details pane on your right of the app window. The person you invite should have Developer CTP access too.

The forth application, Collaborative Crossword is as the name says a multi-player crossowrd game in Silverlight.

The current 3 apps in themselves are highly useful for normal users. Highly useful to collaborate on projects. You can leave sticky notes for your colleagues to read, you can start a vote for your team to decided on something. One can even create to-do lists for the entire team. And these are just the apps by Microsoft for showing what Mesh can do. One can only image what will developers come out with once it’s all live.

And if you’re still not sold on Mesh, this video of Ori Amiga should do the work:

Get Microsoft Silverlight