Microsoft: Pre-Mature WDDM 1.1 Drivers Restricting Win 7

Microsoft on the E7 blog blames pre-mature under developed drivers as reason for little or no difference between gaming on Win 7 & Vista SP 1.

Asia Theme Pack For Windows 7

Windows 7 Regional theme for Asia.

Microsoft’s Local Impact On India & World

An iteresting site highlighting Microsoft’s social initiatives around the world.

IT Jargon Buster

Some definitions about technical terms used by IT professionals & computer geeks.

[Closed] The I’m A PC Sticker Give-Away

The I’m A PC sticker give-away.

I’m A PC. And I Shall Flaunt It.

I got a package from UK with a bunch of I’m A PC stickers!

Windows 98 Plus! Themes For Windows 7

Install the default bundled themes in Windows 98 on Windows 7. With desktop icons, sounds, cursors & wallpaper.

[Update: Feature Removed] Sandbox Standard User Accounts In Windows 7

PC Safeguard or Guest Mode disallows users to save files to specific drives & also undos any changes done by them when they log off.

Microsoft Toolshed

A new website from microsoft New Zealand directing you to the right tools for the right purposes. :) Links to Indian counterpart services included :)

AMD & ATi Won Our Hearts Again

AMD brings gaming machines to our college for a gaming event of CoD4.

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