4 Fundamental Differences Between Google+ & Facebook

Google+ is Google’s attempt at social but it is not a social network like Facebook. I’ve tried to figure out 4 fundamental differences on what the two products try to do.

If 2+2=4, Silverlight Is Important To Windows 8

More fuel to the speculation around Windows 8, Silverlight and WPF comes from dividing the XAML team across Windows, Windows Phone and the developer division.

Azure Could Be Microsoft’s Paid SkyDrive Expansion Option

Microsoft’s announcement makes me think they are preparing for a paid SkyDrive expansion option using Windows Azure. This could mean uploading your own music on SkyDrive for streaming.

Defining The Cloud

An attempt to define what cloud and cloud computing is. Steve Jobs’ RDF has confused several.

Did Microsoft Dump Silverlight With Windows 8?

Steven Sinofsky might not have mentioned Sliverlight and talked about HTML5/JS but that was in my opinion a PR stunt to ensure Windows 8 got as much positive press as it could.

“Chatter” A Unified Voice & IM App In Windows 8

Windows 8 will have a new communication service called Chatter according to some new findings by Windows enthusiasts.

Microsoft’s Upcoming Video Chat Service Spotted In Windows 8?

An icon on the new Windows 8 lock screen hints at video messaging integration in Windows 8.

Zune and Windows 8

A missing Zune icon on the music tile and a separate video tile. Phase-out of Zune imminent.