“Chatter” A Unified Voice & IM App In Windows 8

Yesterday, when I pointed out that the Windows 8 lock screen had a video chat icon, I wasn’t sure what it was. The icon seemed interesting and my initial thoughts were that it could be signs of Skype integration or Windows Live Messenger video calling. The icon for IM in the same screenshot seemed different than what’s in Windows Live Messenger but I thought it was a cosmetic change. Apparently not.

Windows enthusiasts who have been dissecting new Windows 8 builds have spotted a dll file named ConsentUX.dll. According to NaiveUser, this dll file  initiates something similar to what UAC does and has the following options:

Do you want to allow %1 to use your %2 ?

Do you want to allow Chatter to use your video ?
Always Allow

Kip from LiveSide said the video feature could be like “unified inbox” where all video calls from several video calling services are clubbed together. I believe Kip was right and the new feature isn’t just restricted to video but expands to IM as well. Capability Name, in my opinion could be a service like Skype, WLM, Yahoo!, Gtalk and Display Name would be what the service should be listed as.

The highlighted point puts a name to the new feature and backs my thoughts of a new video service.