Android Is The New Windows

Touching several topics such as why iOS is mediocre, WP8 though better is a bad choice, why Nokia was wrong, and why Android is winning converts.

Microsoft Patent Reveals User Behavior Based Battery Saving

Microsoft battery patent shows by observing a user’s charging and phone use behavior Microsoft hopes to extend battery life.

The Dark Knight Rises Windows Phone & Windows 7 Wallpapers

8 480×800 The Dark Knight Rises wallpapers for Windows Phone 7 and 2 wallpapers for your Windows desktop.

Inside Facebook

Some intriguing tidbits and facts about Facebook from within.

So How Should We Attribute On The Internet

Here’s how I’d like to be linked for stories and how I link others in my stories.

The Post-PC PC Is The TV

Microsoft, Apple and Google are heading into the living room as users are buying laptops, tablets and phones instead of desktops. It’s the post-desktop era; not post-PC.

Google China Case Study

A case study on Google China and their drama for a class assignment.

Porter’s Analysis & Resource Based View Of Facebook

Facebook through the lens of some business management concepts.

The Information Systems Triangle & RIM’s Failure

Why RIM failed

Plethora Of Location Services, None A Travelogue Make

There is no service that will collate my checkins and visits. Foursquare should be the one to add this feature.

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