Roborock S6 MaxV: Fun obstacle avoidance, good navigation and powerful app

Roborock S6 MaxV: Fun obstacle avoidance, good navigation and powerful mobile app

Amplifi HD: Chic WiFi Routers with Ubiquity’s Popular Features

Amplifi HD Gamer’s Edition is a gorgeous hardware supported by Ubiquity’s software services. Internet speeds are throttled with no solution so far.

Work from home laptop productivity accessories

Work from home accessories to hold your phone and not burn your lap with high speed laptop fan.

Simple accessories to organize gadget wires at home

Organize gadget wires in a connected and smart home with a lot of wires around. Here are some ways to hold the gadget wires and remotes

5 Smart Home Devices on a Budget (Updated 06/04/21)

Smart home gadgets on a budget. Smart lights, automated vacuum cleaning, an indoor nerd herb garden, touchless flushing and more.

Sync Windows 10 Edge Bookmarks with iPhone

How to sync your browser bookmarks and favorites from Microsoft Windows 10 Edge to your iPhone or iPad

Surface Pro 2017: Work in Progress Validation of Microsoft’s Vision

Manan’s review of Microsoft’s Surface Pro 2017 after using it for a month

The Economical US Cable TV Subscription Option

The short answer is that cord cutting is a lie. The cord has changed. The most economical TV subscription service if you want on-demand iPhone and Apple TV support for a good mix of legacy cable TV shows, sports, and  news, is your Internet Service Provider bundle. Here’s my detailed spreadsheet comparing:

Introducing The Netflix and Chill Entertainment Control Center

Your 1 page netflix and chill control panel that opens romantic Spotify playlists and Netflix movies, allows you to call Uber and order food.

Microsoft Band: The Polished Prototype

Microsoft Band, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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