Microsoft Gets Patent For Cool Gesture Based Text Input On Phones & Remotes

Microsoft has been granted a patent to enter text on devices like phones or remote controllers.

Microsoft Applies To Patent Natal-Like Implementation For PCs

Been some time that I came across an interesting patent application but here’s an interesting one. Microsoft engineers have applied for two patents detailing the Architecture to control the PC using hand gestures. Earlier Microsoft showed controlling devices by muscle movements and has applied to patent a pressure sensitive mouse.

The basic architectural diagram shows a user can use voice, gesture, keyboard or mouse as inputs to a computer. Microsoft engineers talk about using both voice and gesture together to control various actions on the PC. A basic image shows the two cameras and a mic are placed in front of the user:

Microsoft Shows Device Control By Muscle Movement [Demo Video & Images]

Control devices by flexing your finger muscles, control portable media player or other devices by gesture control. Microsoft’s Muscle-Computer Interfaces (muCIs)