Which is better: Verizon Fios vs Spectrum

In Verizon Fios vs Spectrum Internet connectivity, Verizon Fios is significantly better for the same price with more bandwidth, more free stuff, and less outages.

Amplifi Alien: A major upgrade to a slow mesh network

Amplifi Alien is an amazing Wi-Fi 6 router with a gorgeous screen and features. The Ubiquity Amplifi app is super helpful and mesh satellite comes with one RJ45 ethernet port.

Cable Companies Finally Feeling The Heat

Time Warner is offering $5 off on Internet connection if users subscribe to their cable services. Signs of Internet streaming affecting traditional cable TV are all true.

Some Numbers About Broadband Internet In India

Some numbers about broadband india penetration in India as mentioned. The number of broadband users in India, average speeds compared to that of the world and China.

[Update] Microsoft Launches Indic Input Tool For 10 Indian Languages

Transliteration for 6 Indian languages by Microsoft India. Desktop & Web versions.

Codeplex Tool To Isolate Your WiFi Network & Use Windows 7 PC As A Virtual WiFi Router

Use the Virtual WiFi technology in Windows 7 with Codepplex tool Virtual Router to easily setup and configure a virtual wireless network.

Ripley – Microsoft Research’s Security Solution For Web 2.0 Applications & Users

Microsoft Research proposes solution to ensure Web 2.0 security for the servers, users & applications.

Facebook Has More Females From Denmark Than India

Check user demographics of Facebook’s active users.

Should Microsoft Be Worried About IE’s Usage Drop?

Answering whether Microsoft should be worried about IE’s usage drop.