Apple’s Private Social Network

Individual components that work between the phone and PC have led to Apple inadvertently creating a private social network for each user.

Troubleshooting Live Mesh: Stuck on Processing & Talking to Server (OS X)

If you sync a folder that has too many files using Live Mesh, on OS X Live Mesh freezes with two errors. Processing and Talking to server, here is how you fix it.

Apple Patent Shows Smart Drag-Drop For Upcoming OS X?

Recently filed Apple patent shows dynamically changing folder icons and auto sorting of files when dragged and dropped.

Accessing Ext3, NTFS, HFS+ Via Windows, Ubuntu & OS X

Accessing the different HDD formats via the different computing platforms.

[Vista vs OSX vs Ubuntu] Erasing A RW

A difference between the capabilities of OS X & Vista when it comes to erasing a RW disc.

‘W’ Cosmos & Aurora Wallpapers

Windows wallpapers similar to the OS X 10.5 wallpapers of Aurora & Cosmos.

What Was The Difference Between A Mac & A PC

This article shows the basic difference between the non-Intel Macs & IBM PCs, what made them different.