[Vista vs OSX vs Ubuntu] Erasing A RW

EDIT: Ubuntu added to the list too. Results won’t surprise you.

Quite a few of my readers know that I have a Hackint0sh in Quad Boot. I was accidentally in OS X (Leopard) at the right time yesterday. A friend of mine wanted to burn some stuff on a filled RW, I was in OS X at that time and I assumed that considering OS X (Leopard) is so user friendly (according to some of my Mac friends) I will not find any problem in erasing & burning a RW. But it wasn’t so easy after all.

Erasing a RW on OS X:

Consider this as a tip for OS X users.

  1. Load the RW.
  2. Open Applications.
  3. Navigate to Utilities.
  4. Find Disk Utility & Start it.
  5. Select the disc from the Left Navigation.
  6. Right Click & choose Erase.

Screen shot:


Now, let’s see how things are done in Vista. Pretty simple I must say. A single click and that’s it. You’re done. Not only that you don’t need to fire up an application that basically is meant for formatting drives.

Erasing a RW in Vista:

  1. Load the RW. duh!
  2. Open My Computer.
  3. Right Click on the disc & choose ‘Erase this Disc’.
  4. Sit back & relax.
  5. Call your girl-friend & ask her if she has any RWs to erase.

Screen shot:


Alternately you can even erase the RW when you are browsing through it in Explorer. You will find a ‘Erase the Disc’ tab at the top. Screen shot:


That was Vista.

Erasing a RW in Ubuntu:

  • RW What?

Considering that I was talking about default GUI (to be read as simpler) methods for erasing a RW, Ubuntu is a Terminal based OS, so I decided to try out erasing the RW using the Terminal command given by T below. Here, is what happened:

  1. Go to Applications.
  2. Start Terminal.
  3. Type the command cdrecord dev=/dev/cdrom blank=fast
  4. And wait.

Oh damn! What is this:


Talk about ease of use :D