Facebook Application Cheat

I am a Facebook user, I like Facebook more than all the other social networking sites, however there is this something that I hate about Facebook – Send Invites to View Application results.

The applications are really fun, I like to participate in these applications for my own fun and have no intention of asking my friends to take it, if I do come across a really fun thing I shall, but the developers put in a ‘Send invite to a fixed number of friends to view the results of the quiz’ restriction. Me, unlike a lot of other people hate to do that, I despise and disgust at sending really useless & annoying – ‘he/she took this test and wants you to take it’ messages, 8 out of 10 times this is because of the restriction and not because your friend actually wants you to take the test.

I had started a topic on this on the Facebook Developer Forums, interestingly there were developers who agreed with my view that it should not be a compulsion to send invites.

None the less, today I found that actually there is no need to send those invites as there seems to be a small bug in a particular SDK. If you take a test (in this case Which MTV Roadies are you test) and after taking the test you skip the invite form then go to the Mini Feed Page you can see the result.

Here are the screen shots:

Application page where it says that result calculations will be incomplete till I send invites:


My Mini Feed where the result of the application is shown despite me not sending the invites:


Take that you fugging genius developers.

NOTE: This might not work in some cases because there are various SDKs for developing Facebook applications.