Speak Your Commands To Office 2k7

Yup, you read that right. With Vista+Office 2k7+Office Scout+Voice Recog Macro, you can actually order your machine to do what you want it to. I had previously blogged about ‘Scout’ Office 2007 Commands. Now using this on your Office 2k7 and Speech Recognition Macros can talk to your Office 2k7. Here is what you do:

  1. Install Office Command Search. (Link below)
  2. Install the Speech Recog Macro. (Link Below) (Requires Validation)
  3. Download the SearchCommands.WSRmac zip file
  4. Un-archive it to your DocumentsSpeech Macros folder.
  5. Right click on SearchCommands.WSRmac and select Sign Speech Macros.


Download Search Commands for Office:

‘Scout’ Office 2007 Commands

Download the Speech Recognition Macros:

Download the Search Commands Macros:


  1. I have NOT tested this.
  2. Works in Excel, Word & PowerPoint
  3. It for now works with Vista, may work with XP.
  4. The Speech Recog requires validation of your Windows copy.

Source: Office Labs.