Get Your Live Mesh Working [Non-US]

I was talking to my friend Aditya at Vignetting Life, that I don’t exactly see myself shifting full time to the cloud anytime soon. But, but, but! I think that was the past. I guess I am gonna shift full time to the cloud pretty soon. Mesh is Live! Yay! The last time I was excited about some online technology being launched was when Skydrive was launched.

Liveside reported that US residents have access to Live Mesh which in simple terms means that the whole world has access, all you need to do is change the country settings to US as I have explained earlier in the i’m Initiative Now For non-US Live Users. So, we basically use the same trick, change the country settings to US and voila!

Live Mesh Tech Preview

This is going to be a multi-part post.

Anyways, I logged into Live Mesh and the friggin’ UI is damn cool! The animation looks so smooth. Silverlight FTW! I has a first look and was thoroughly impressed by it. They will soon be adding support for Macs & Cell phones, I thought they already had Cell support acivated but WTH! I downloaded the client to add my desktop and this is what happened. Made me go :lol:

Mesh RTM Error
Mesh RTM Error

Some more screen shots will follow here.