[Update] Exporting Facebook Events To Live Calendar

Some time back I had written about ways to enhance use of Windows Calendar & Live Calendar in this post. I mentioned about how to import Facebook birthdays & events into Live Calendar & Windows Calendar. However, recently I saw that the Facebook application I used has changed itself for the worse & Live Calendar won’t import anymore. Considering Windows Calendar is no more in Windows 7 (bundled with Live Mail) here is an update to get your Facebook events into Live Calendar:

It has become a bit easier for importing your Events, I’m still figuring out how to import the birthdays. To import the Events:

  1. Go to Facebook homepage.
  2. Right sidebar, select Events.
  3. On the top you will find Export Events, click and copy the link.
  4. Go to Live Calendar.
  5. Choose ‘Subscribe’ & paste the link, name the calendar to whatever you want.
  6. Done.

~Happy Eventing!