ZuneHD Games, Xbox 360 Gets Wireless N, Natal <$80 Comes In 2010

I’m bored of studying so might as well blog.

Microsoft recently updated ZuneHD to firmware 4.3 which mentioned support for 3D games, well it didn’t take long for Microsoft to release a couple of them (6 to be exact). Microsoft today announced the availability of 6 3D games that will make use of that Tegra chip inside the ZuneHD. The 6 games announced are:

  1. Audiosurf Tilt
  2. Checkers
  3. Lucky Lanes Bowling
  4. Piano
  5. Project Gotham Racing: Ferrari Edition
  6. Vans Sk8: Pool Service

The games are available as free downloads for the ZuneHD users from the market place and can be downloaded via the Zune 4.0 software. The totally sad and absurd part is that these games are ads supported which means everytime you load these games you’ll be greeted ads first. Sometimes I really don’t understand how can someone take such stupid decisions.

The next announcement made a couple of days ago was the availability of N standard Wireless adapters for the Xbox 360. The Microsoft Store website still doesn’t have it but you can buy it via Amazon courtesy Major Nelson. The cost is $87.99 US only as of now. Will try to get info on as and when it is available in India. The features as listed on the Amazon page are:

  • Dual band 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz Wireless A/B/G home network compatible
  • Compact, high-performance design
  • Powered by Xbox 360 to eliminate adapter clutter
  • Windows Vista Media Center compatible
  • Streams photos and music from Microsoft Windows XP and recorded TV, movies, and videos from your Microsoft Windows XP Media Center – based PC

The third bit of leaked information has me surprised. Microsoft’s Project Natal, yea that wham-bam gaming addon for the Xbox 360 will be available for only $80! No confirmations though. It is reported that it’ll be launched in November 2010 but I don’t believe that since it’s more of word twisting. The exec siad that the launch would be more like a November 2005 launch & didn’t say that it’ll be a launch around November 2010. It’s a wait and watch piece of news for now. I however expect Natal to be available sooner. MCVUK also reports that there’ll be 14 games when Natal is launched. I’ve reported earlier that Microsoft is working on Natal like interaction systems for more products as well.