GeoThemes: Change Windows 7 Themes Based On Geo Location (App Idea)

I find geo-location based services to be quite fascinating. Windows 7 brought with it themes and geo-location sesnor APIs, mixing both to have themes change based on geo location has been lingering on in my mind for long. Once Long and Rafael released Geosense, I realized this could quite well be possible without depending on GPS hardware.

I call this application GeoThemes. The idea is quite simple,  you can set themes for specific locations, a different theme for work or college and a different one for your residence. A simple mock up of the application:


A (Silverlight?) app with Bing Maps, using Geosense as the sensor a theme change can be triggered, I believe. You drop the pins where you want to set a theme and a simple pop up allows you to choose the theme you want. Once you’re in that area, the theme will change.

I have filed this in my If I could’ve, I would’ve folder for now since I know squat about code. Anyone out there willing to take this as a project?

I did plan to do a SketchFlow demo but unfortunately my MSDN subscription doesn’t offer it as part of the Expression Suite. Sigh.

Something like this can be implemented in Windows Phone 7 as well where the profile (that is ringtones etc.) change depending on your geo location. So if you’re at work, the phone on its own switches to the silent profile or with the ringtone at a lower volume.